Wat is jouw straffe strategie om sterk talent te strikken?

Employer branding, zelfs als je de voorbije maanden in een grot woonde, kon je er niet aan ontsnappen. Het is hot, het is overal, maar wat is het eigenlijk?  Employer branding is de creatie van een positieve bedrijfsreputatie bij je huidige werknemers en aandeelhouders, maar belangrijker nog bij potentiële werknemers, sollicitanten, stagiaires, freelancers, …. Je […]

The hunt for IT talent: 8 tips and tricks to attract the perfect candidate

While the need for digital talent is higher than it’s ever been, the lack of IT potentials on the market is undeniable. A ‘war for talent’ is going on and companies who don’t adapt their employer branding strategy will lose out. As a marketing agency for IT and Software companies, we understand how difficult it is to […]

Lift your employer branding strategy off the ground

In our previous blog we talked about why employer branding is essential in your marketing strategy. When done right, it creates a company culture that will attract and retain the right employees who fit your business. But how do you gain the attention of top talent in a world of job (s)hopping? According to LinkedIn’s Employer branding playbook, 83% of recruiters […]

5 reasons why employer branding is the new black

As a marketing agency for IT and software companies, we strongly believe in employer branding. It shows that you care about your employees and that you’re not just concerned about being profitable. If you do it right, it will help you to attract new employees and to retain your current employees. And as you know, with […]