Lift your employer branding strategy off the ground

In our previous blog we talked about why employer branding is essential in your marketing strategy. When done right, it creates a company culture that will attract and retain the right employees who fit your business. But how do you gain the attention of top talent in a world of job (s)hopping?

According to LinkedIn’s Employer branding playbook, 83% of recruiters say that employer branding truly impacts the ability to hire great candidates. However, companies often lack a clear vision in how to portray themselves as a quality employer in the market. This blog will help you to construct and to roll-out a creative employer branding strategy.


Employer brading: what it’s not

First off, a fancy logo or a big marketing stunt doesn’t translate into an effective employer brand. True employer branding comes from within: it’s the identity of your company and not just a tool to use as a promotional action.


Map your company identity

Before you start spreading your message, it’s important to know what your company’s identity truly is. The introduction slides in your company presentation often don’t truly say who you are as a company. Your employees, however, do! They are the ones who make (or break) your business. At the same time, they are a great source of information. Collect information about their experiences and find answers as to why anyone would like to work for you.


Create an employer value proposition

The goal of your message is to attract the perfect candidate, right? But do you already know what that person looks like? In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how personas help you to create tailored content for your audience. Although they are mostly used to attract leads for your business, they also come in handy during your search for the perfect employee. With the help of your current employees, you should be able to find out everything you can about your target audience. What do they find important? Which benefits will win them over? It’ll tell you which message to send out.

Convinced you need employer branding to attract the perfect candidate? Great! Let’s get started then. Start by mapping who you are as a company. Once that’s done, you can sum up who you are looking for as a candidate. Never forget to include your employees during this process, it’s them who will make the difference!

Still not sure how to get started? Let’s get together and discuss the possibilities!

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