The hunt for IT talent: 8 tips and tricks to attract the perfect candidate

While the need for digital talent is higher than it’s ever been, the lack of IT potentials on the market is undeniable. A ‘war for talent’ is going on and companies who don’t adapt their employer branding strategy will lose out. As a marketing agency for IT and Software companies, we understand how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd. But here’s the good news: it can be done! We compiled 8 practical tips to help you create a killer job offer.


1. It’s all in the title

Capture potential candidates’ attention straight away. How, you might ask? Well, the first thing they’ll see is the title. Make sure your title is creative and fun, or come up  with new names that better align with your candidate’s expectations. Instead of ‘functional analyst’, try using ‘business innovation consultant’. The latter has a certain ring to it, inspiring candidates to become a valuable asset of the company.


2. Talk human and sell the position

‘We offer a competitive salary, full benefits, fun atmosphere…’ Sounds familiar? That’s what I thought… Next to a list of bullet points with requirements, you see this in almost every job offer. Stray away from these standard phrases and align your job description with the needs and expectations of your ideal candidate. Make it personal! IT specialists will recognise jargon related to their skills. Anticipate on the programming languages they’ll be using and what projects awaits them.

However, don’t limit the job offer to information about the job itself. Talk about the culture and the daily life at the office. Really dig into the image of your company. How long have you been in business? Which interesting projects have you already accomplished? How happy are your employees? What do you have to offer that other companies don’t? The real question is: what makes you stand out from the crowd?


3. Be creative

As with every other content piece, creativity plays a major role in engaging candidates. It makes your job offer much more memorable and increases the chance of attracting the perfect candidate. So don’t shy away from including some creativity in your posts. Create a job offer that speaks to your ideal candidate. Including humor or a fun element is always a good way to stay top-of-mind.


4. Be clear

Always be clear about the application process. What are the next steps? When will they hear back from you? It shows that you are well organised and know what you are doing. Moreover, it’ll set the candidates’ minds at ease.


5. Check, check, check

Once you’ve written your job offer, make sure other people double (and triple) check it. Let it be reviewed by the employees who will be working with the applicant. They can provide you feedback on whether the job offer correctly represents the job and the company culture.


6. Choose the right (social) channels

Writing a good job offer is one thing, reaching your target audience is another. Find out where your candidates are active. Choose the right, specialised channels to advertise on and create social media campaigns to give your job offer the extra dimension it needs.

Your company image plays an important part in the decision process of your candidate. Keeping your social media up to date is essential in creating a good first impression. Make sure to have an interesting, yet fun company page and prove everything you wrote in the job offer with pictures and videos. Instagram and Facebook are the perfect platforms to visualise everything you stand for as a company.


7. Employee advocacy

Always include your employees in your communication plan. They are the most reliable ambassadors your company can have! Get your employees to like, share and comment on your social media posts. What better way to convince new candidates than to show them how engaged your employees are?


8. Evaluate and improve

You’ll always want your efforts to pay off. Evaluate every step in the process and find out what you can do better next time.


To recap

Be different! Talent is scarce, so make sure you create a job offer that stands out. Don’t be scared to experiment, you’ll achieve better results when you do.

Involve your employees in defining your company culture and identity. The heart of your company are the people working in it! They are the ones who will provide the input to create a comprehensive, creative job offer. One that’s memorable and will attract the perfect candidate. Simon Sinek says it best:

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

Are you still in the dark? Take a look at the vacancy we created for one of our clients, Orbit GT.
Or do you need help or information? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly share our expertise.

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