Looking for that one (secret) marketing tactic to grow your business?

You fell for our title, didn’t you?  Well, sorry to burst your bubble but there is no secret marketing tactic that leads, for sure, to a big bang. A good marketing approach is based on a good marketing mix and requires persistent work and planning. There are no secrets, it comes down to good planning and execution. If you follow these steps it will for sure lead you to your marketing big bang.


The right people

Do your marketing campaigns follow the right basic rules but don’t have the hoped success? Well maybe your targeting strategy needs to be reviewed. Ideally your target group should be divided into different segments. Each of these segments is attracted to a specific message or personalized tone of voice. Marketing isn’t just about spreading this message, it is really about cultivating an experience. The only way to do that is to speak the language of each target group.

Each of your segments should be represented by a specific buyer persona. A buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal prospect. A good trick is to give each persona a real personality. For example, you can give them a name, describe their daily routines and their goals and objectives. If you use these personas as a basis for every action, success will come your way and the first step to that big bang is a fact.

Want to learn more about the buyer persona? Read our previous blog post.


The right time

Timing is crucial, not only in the kitchen but in your marketing approach as well! Nobody likes an undercooked egg or burned lasagna. Well prospects don’t want to hear about your solutions and all your advantages if they haven’t defined their own problem yet. It will have zero effect. People want to be hit by the right content at the right time. It’s import to wait for the perfect moment, but don’t let it pass either. This is a challenging exercise that will require some testing.

A buyer goes through different stages when he is looking to buy something, this is called a buyer’s journey. First up, there is the awareness stage, the prospect is experiencing different symptoms of a problem, but is not yet focusing on the issue. In the next stage, the consideration stage, the prospect has a clear view on his problem. The last part of the buyer’s journey focusses on the decision, the customer is aware of possible solutions and is looking for the right match. You can read all about the buyer stages in our other blog. When you reach the prospects with the right message at exactly the right time, BANG, you hit the jackpot!


The right mix

The right motto here is: mix and match. Every target group or persona needs its own marketing approach, so you really have to think this through. Select a family of marketing tactics that will touch the different prospects throughout the sales cycle. Remember that not everybody wants to be informed the same way: some prefer visual information, others like to read or hear all about it. Make sure you offer valuable content in different formats allowing each prospect to detect your brand value in their own preferred way: so mix blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, …

As no one, not even topnotch professionals, get this right from the first time, testing, tweaking and analyzing is key here. Adjust until you reach the point where you notice your work is paying off, until you reach your bang.


The right amount of repetition

It’s just like creating a new habit, you have to repeat it daily if you want it to stick. And that’s what we want, we want our brand and our message to stick with prospects. Research shows that messages that are seen for the first time are almost always overlooked, nobody notices them. It is only by seeing something for the third time that a slight sense of recognition hits. If you show it regularly it will breed familiarity and familiarity builds trust. That is the base for a long term relationship and, bang, that is exactly what we are looking for, isn’t it?

You see, there is no secret marketing tactic in marketing. A successful marketing strategy asks for a lot of time and work. You will have to create all these small bangs to be able to see the true effect of a good marketing strategy. But believe us if you use these tips, the big bang you were looking for won’t remain a mystery, it will become reality.

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